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Tea tree essential oil is a natural oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, an Australian native evergreen shrub. It has nearly 100 uses and rose to prominence as an excellent healing agent among Aborigines in northern Australia - so much so that it was used by them for just about anything! The versatile oils are now widely studied and praised for their antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant's complex terpenes act as antioxidants that can prevent the destruction of other important compounds inside cells; this makes tea tree oil super healthy and extremely beneficial!

Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil may include:

  • Treats insect bites or stings
  • Helps to treat head lice
  • Relieves congestion and respiratory tract infections
  • Acts as an astringent to help control bleeding
  • An excellent healing agent to help wounds heal
  • Tea tree oil is antiseptic and kills bacteria
  • It has been shown to help with acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • It's a natural alternative for treating dandruff
  • Boosts hair health: improves dry scalp
  • It can also relieve pain from sore muscles and muscle spasms
  • Tea tree oil is also a natural fungicide that fights athlete's foot, candida, and yeast infections

How do I use Tea Tree Essential Oil in an Oil Diffuser?

To use Tea Tree essential oil in an oil diffuser, simply add about 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to the water in your diffuser. Then turn on your diffuser and enjoy! Tea Tree has a strong scent that will fill up any room in your home. Adjust the number of drops you add to your diffuser depending on your preference.

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