Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Australia in 2020

Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Australia in 2020

There is good reason essential oil diffusers have been voted the best gift of 2020 in Australia and beyond!

They are known as the powerhouse of air fresheners and scented candles... not only producing an incredibly fragrant aroma to ensure your home or office smells inviting and fresh but providing aromatherapy and health benefits as well (BONUS!).

As our tagline suggests... they quite literally help improve your health, wellness & encourage good times!

Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Australia

Aussie Diffusers Top Selling Essential Oil Diffuser 👇

500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser with Remote

500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser Australia with Remote

Not only will your home smell incredible, your body will thank you for it too with this GORGEOUS 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser. With a larger 500ml capacity, this aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for a larger room, office space or yoga studio.

One of the reasons it is so popular is because it also doubles as a night light! If you prefer to have a light filled room... this creates the perfect environment. There are 7 LED options - you can rotate through all 7, stop on a particular favourite colour or if light isn't your thing at all... you can turn the light off altogether! A win-win for everyone.

Another popular feature of this aromatherapy diffuser is the remote. The remote makes it the most easy to operate diffuser by turning on/off at the press of a button. Perfect if you don't want to sleep with it on so simply turn it off while staying nice and warm in bed!

Operates all night long to help promote better restful sleep.

300ml Oil Diffuser in Light Wood

300ml Oil Diffuser in Australia in Light Wood

Add an incredibly stylish accessory to your home or office while giving your health a kickstart with this stunning Oil Diffuser in Light Wood Grain Style. Enjoy an incredible smelling home or office while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy!

This 300ml Oil Diffuser is the perfect size for a bedroom bedside table or smaller living room. You have the ability to set the timer to operate at either 1hour, 3hour or 6hour intervals or continuous on until the water runs out and the automatic shut off kicks in. This makes it extremely safe to operate with peace of mind. 

Add calming diffuser oils to your oil diffuser on your bedside table to promote restful sleep. Use it to fill your living room with gorgeous scent when guests are over or add a citrus fragrance oil and place it on your office desk to fight the mid-afternoon slump! You can use any essential oil or diffuser oil for health, wellness & good times!

400ml Aroma Diffuser in Tulip Design Light Wood

400ml Aroma Diffuser Australia in Light

Help ease mind, body and spirit with this 400ml Aroma Diffuser in a tulip vase shape. 

Accessorise your home while benefiting your health through aromatherapy! This Aroma Diffuser will be a guaranteed talking point of guests to your home - not to mention your home will smell fantastic! This 400ml Aroma Diffuser has a unique tulip style design... stand out from the boring standard styles.

No need to worry about unattended candles as all our diffusers have an automatic shut off when the water runs out to keep your home safe. This particular model has 4 operating settings... 1hour, 3hour, 6hour or continuous on. Due to its larger 400ml capacity it will run for approx. 10-12hours on continuous on. 

All Aussie Diffusers oil diffusers can be used with both fragrance diffuser oils or 100% pure essential oils! Use fragrance oils for an aromatic home or 100% pure essential oils to experience aromatherapy health & wellness benefits too!

300ml Oil Diffuser in Dark

300ml Oil Diffuser

This trendy 300ml Oil Diffuser is an excellent ultrasonic diffuser to start diffusing aromatic therapeutic essential oils. Its a perfect size for the bedroom which means it also acts as a great night light for children - creating a magical effect in the dark!

The darker wood grain look is preferred by a large number of our customers in their light coloured home decor to stand out and pop as a statement feature.

This oil diffuser has 4 operating functions... 1hour, 3hour, 6hour and continuous on. Sleep in peace with therapeutic essential oils diffusing all the while knowing there is an automatic shut off when the water runs out. No need to worry about unattended scented candles!

The 7 LED lights contrast beautifully with the darker colour of this oil diffuser. They can be cycled through all 7 colours, stopped on a particular colour of choice or turned off and is very simple to operate!

550ml Aromatherapy Diffuser with Remote

550ml Aromatherapy Diffuser


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